Different Type Of Flexible Pouches

Different Type Of Flexible Pouches
Different Type Of Flexible Pouches

Flexible Pouches have come a long way and become an integral part of the packaging industry for storing everything from foods to liquids. Due to their re-sealable, cheaper and environment-friendly nature, they considered as a safe and useful alternative than other packaging options available. Aqua Multi Pack Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best Side Gusset Pouch Manufacturers. There are plenty of its types available customized to your preferences. Have a look at all the options available to know in detail.

  • Stand Up Pouch: Perhaps the most known flexible pouch available, these Stand Up Pouches can be stand in the rack or shelves easily. Therefore, these have a vast demand in grocery stores, supermarkets, retail outlets and more. Their head has tear-off design, plastic cap and other options that allow packages to be sealed and then reopened as needed.
  • Side Gusset Pouch: Another flexible packaging option that should always be in your mind is this Side Gusset Pouch. It has a good filling volume that increases your storage capacity and allows you to store more products while offering them the right protection. They feature gusset on both sides of the bag to increase space and have greater holding capacity.
  • Vacuum Pouch: Made using a layer of plastics, these Vacuum Pouches help you create a tight seal and preserve the freshness of the foods, medicines and other consumable items. Widely used in the food domain, these offer protection from degradation and oxidation as well.
  • Ziplock Pouch: Considered as the flexible and resalable packaging option, these used mainly in the food, cosmetic, automobile industry and more. Made of LDPE material, these pouches offer better safety and durability and available in different sizes and prints.

Other than that, there are many other options available that you can browse on our website. Consider all the flexible packaging available to choose the best as per your industry preferences. Being one of the noted Stand Up Pouch Manufacturers, we have the right resources inbuilt to customize the packaging options in bulk quantity and offer at the industry-leading prices. Call us or ping your requirements to know more.

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